Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Goodbye Australia

Dear Australia,
We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful year we had in your country. We feel like we have seen so much. From learning to drive on the left hand side of the road to living on a busy block we adjusted to the differences. We will never forget the sweet sound of school children speaking in unison with their lovely little accents, and how it is the law for children to wear a hat in the summer months. We won't forget all your interesting road signs and the first time we saw a koala bear in a tree! We were spoiled with the cafe's and restaurants and did our part in giving back to your economy. We were thrilled with your ocean even though it was a tad bit chilly! The fairy penguins were among our favorite animals and we hope you do your part to protect their habitat. We were enamored with the graceful whales that come to shore each year and the stunning beauty of the Great Ocean Road. We will never forget the incredible Great Barrier Reef, swimming with sea turtles was surreal. The smell of eucalyptus trees reminded us of our childhood memories in California. We will remember fondly the people in Australia that made our time so much more enjoyable. Australia, you were just what the doctor ordered. Farewell for now,
Love, the Rentons


Tim and Bec were so brave to let us stay with them again before we left. They made our lives so much easier. We feel like their house is our house:) This is baby Henry. I was so lucky to be the one to drive Bec to the hospital shortly after we arrived in Melbourne. As you can see baby Henry is not so little anymore!
Rosie and Elly loved taking a bath together.
Henry wanted to join in the party. Thanks for all you did for us Tim and Bec. You are SUPER!!

Last Days

Our last Sunday in Melbourne we drove to St. Kilda. You can see the city in the background. It was a beautiful day.
A lovely grassy knoll by the beach.


Carolina and Emma are mums from school. They kept me good company all year. I consumed countless numbers of decaf mochas with them and occasional pastries:) Our year in Australia would not have been the same without them. I'll miss you girls. Thanks for the memories.


Here are a few of our favorite cars in Melbourne.
My friend Renee had this car shipped over from the U.S.A!
The mini cars are my favorite:) Anyone who lives in the city knows that smaller is better.
No problem parking this little yellow car.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Goodbye Whales

We drove a few hours out of Melbourne to Warrnambool. This was our very first vacation, so we decided to make it our last.
We stayed at the Lady Bay Resort.
The 2 in charge of the 3:)
They say they have spotted 1 whale here already, but we didn't see her. Last year we came in September and saw quite a few whales. It seems they are taking their time to swim from the Antarctic.
Rosie remembers the whales from last year.
We had fun steering little motor boats around the lake.
John and Sam's boat was the fastest!
Is there anything more fun than chasing birds?
One can never get tired of driving along the Great Ocean Rd. It is always spectacular. Goodbye 12 Apostles!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

North Fitzroy Church

Auntie Margaret does a fantastic job of creative crafts for SS.
Vetuta and Claudia cook delicious soup each week for pot luck:)
SS room.
The kids love the run out side after church.